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Project Description

Handelskraft Digital Evangelist

Kick-off speech: Instant Commerce
In the fight for customers and conversion, the web shop isn’t the „silver bullet”, anymore. It’s not enough to provide an amazing online shopping experience anytime, it more and more matters where retailers and manufacturers get in touch with their customers. They must be present in their social media streams and messenger chats. Today, shops need to change their face to the customer.

About Oliver Kling:
Oliver Kling is a sociology graduate focused on digital transformation processes. Four years ago, he started working in the field of digital commerce. First, as a communication manager in the marketing and communications department of a leading commerce solution provider, he analyzed online growth challenges of international brands. Since January 2016, Kling is a content creator at handelskraft.de, publishing multimedia content on commerce and online marketing topics. He regularly gives speeches at industry conferences about the chances and challenges of digitizing marketing, sales and services.